Our feeds contain No GMOs. We source our feeds from an Amish mill in Virginia that specializes in Non GMO grains that are animal biproduct free.

6 packs Chicken Livers

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6 packs of Chicken Backs

6 packs of back with 4 in each pack.

6 packs of Chicken Feet

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6 Packs of Chicken Quarters

The ultimate super saver for the household.

6 Packs of Chicken Tenders

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6 Packs of Chicken Thighs

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6 Packs of Wings

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Convenient Pork Bundle

Some of everything. 1/4 of a Hog, ~ 30lbs of cuts. $8 lb.

Fresh, Pasture Raised, Non-GMO, Thanksgiving Turkey

Deposit Secures your Thanksgiving Turkey.

Ground Chicken

approximately 1 lb per package

Half Hog

Some of everything. 1/2 of a Hog, ~ 60lbs of cuts. $8 lb.

Pork Fat

Pure Non GMO fed and forest raised Pork Fat

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