No Antibiotic

We do not give our animals antibiotics in their feed. Our momma sheep however are allowed to be treated if sick. We believe it is ethical to treat a sick animal vice adhering strictly to this protocol. Feeder stock such as chicken and pork that needs treatment is culled from the retail market.

Wild Cat Premium Cat Food

Ground Chicken backs, neck, Liver and heart

Bone in Split Breasts

Bone in skin on

12 Pack of Chicken Quarters

The ultimate super saver for the household.

6 Pack of Pup Cups

Ground Chicken backs, neck, Liver and heart

Ground Turkey

approximately 1 lb per package

Lamb Bones

lamb leg bones, cut

Turkey Drumlett

Turky Drumletts are the top section of the turkey wing.

Turkey Thighs

Pasutre Raised, Non GMO Turkey Thighs

Turkey Breast, Bone In

Perfect for Two

Beef Liver

1 Per Package

Beef Soup Bones

Per Package

Flat Iron Steak

Per Package

Top Round Roast

Per Package

Rump Roast

Per Package

Beef Chuck Roast

1 Per Package

Filet of beef

2 per Package

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