Teams Matter.

World Class Chicken of consistent, exceptional quality is not the product of any one individual; It takes a high performing team of committed people to deliver to you exceptional quality- every time. 

Here at Land basket Farm we are proud of our farmer team and grateful for their relentless pursuit of excellence.  

Our Farm Team

(Click on each image to learn more about each team member)

  • Rick Shifflet
    Rick Shifflet
    Foreman / Butcher Boss
  • Garret Free
    Garret Free
    Processes Boss
  • Taylor Free
    Taylor Free
    Records Boss / Garret's Wife
  • Terri Macer
    Terri Macer
    Value Added Boss
  • Donna Russert
    Donna Russert
    Vacuum Boss
  • Kelly Goble
    Kelly Goble
    Packing Boss
  • Deacon
    Border Collie Farm Dog #1
  • Pippi
    Border Collie Farm Dog #2
  • Beast
    Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD) Gang
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