Quarter Hog Bundle

Quarter Hog Bundle

Quarter Hog Bundles. ~ 30 lbs cut and pack weight. Estimated final cost is ~$240

Quarter bundles are seasonal offerings surrounding hog harvest time. It is a sampling of the whole hog: Some sausage, roasts, ribs, pork belly, chops. 

 Our pigs are forest raised, moving often to a new patch of woods. In short, our pigs get to express their pigginess. This makes for a high quality of life, which ultimately creates a healthier, tastier product for you and your family.  Our pigs are supplementally fed a corn-based feed and live an antibiotic, and hormone free life.  

When ordering, specify March or July Purchase.

By comparison, our cut and pack weight price of $8 lb. is the equivalent of others hanging weight price of $ 5.50 per lb. When it is all said and done, both sale methods will cost you about the same. We think our method is just more transparent.



Sausage, Chops, Ribs, Roasts, ground, hock, pork belly, fat back
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