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kevin Jacobi

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July 3, 2024

Blog 7/2/24 – We are seeing the edge of this forest, what’s on the horizon?  

I get so frustrated during the Oncologist visit days. The patient sees the Oncologist at the beginning of the cycle and that is about it – so, you have to have your ducks in a row when that office call happens (basically once a month). Now Dr Rogers and Cathy are about the same age, and both are chatty…… so from a Type A personality perspective (me) the first half hour is a bunch of non sensical girly stuff and I don’t learn a damn thing. My frustrations aside, here is what I pried out of the doctor during girl time.

Blood marker numbers continue to show promise – a key number that was 1200 is now 395 as of yesterday (411 last month).

Cathy will do this 6th cycle and likely a 7th (August) before Rogers thinks we are ready for a biopsy. As I have mentioned in the past, the bone marrow biopsy is the definitive test that will measure the clonal cells percentage. We are looking for < 5%

That is all good news.

When asked – “what do we do if the biopsy shows we have not achieved the < 5% ?”

“We will change up the Chemotherapy regiment. Often a new regiment will get us there.”  

MRI Results. Really good news. The latest MRI shows no more visible tumors on the spinal column – yeah !

So why cant she walk doc ?

The MRI also shows severe spinal stenosis (a narrowing of the canal) This narrowing causes constriction on the cord. So, what do you do about it?  This is neurosurgery’s arena.

The long and short portion of the office call resulted in Dr Rogers calling on her Neurosurgeon colleague in Nashville to review these new films and render an opinion on operability. That is forth coming.   

More Neurology and walking. Thanks to one of you in our listening audience we have made head way in neuro. The referral we were seeking happened and we are working with UT to nail down a Neurology appointment.

Physical Therapy. We have worked through the insurance issues associated modified in home care (still needs RN wound care) and outpatient PT. We have a referral into a reputable clinic and Cathys case has been submitted for review We will go next week to basically interview them and get Cathy going in outpatient PT.

Wound Care – We are very close. A recent tissue culture shows we are fighting no bacteria at - all Healthy wound recovery so far. Amen.

Ok, that’s it for July. Keep Cathy in your prayers. Peace to you and yours. Till next month.

Thank you for your continued support

Kevin and Cathy

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