Is it really almost June ?

written by

kevin Jacobi

posted on

May 20, 2024

I cant believe it is almost June. We will be killing chickens in just a couple of weeks. Cathy has always been a center piece in our chicken operation - she is the best woman we have with a knife- she can take apart a chicken in less than a minute. 

I told my crew boss - Kelly Goble - to just tell her to slow down when you need her to. 

It's funny how the chicken team has grown - a natural leader emerged to be the crew boss and a natural butcher (Cathy) emerged as the leading lady on the cut table. 

This year Cathy wont be playing in the cut room. We will miss her. We have gone over different scenerios and concluded that when not doing chemo (chemo days conflict with chicken killin days) Cathy's role will be to help get the team fed at lunch. 

Our friend, value add lady and delivery girl for Morristown (Terry) will wear yet another hat and assit Cathy in the kitchen on killing days. 

Lunch at Land Basket Farm on killing days is an event, a team gathering that is really at the center of what makes us good at what we do. 

 It will be nice having Cathy at the dining table at least vice the cut table.  

This week we go into round 4 of Chemo. Cathys little feet movements have increased and she experiences more and more involuntary movement - we think this is all good.  

We have kindof started our own brand of Pysycal Therapy each morning to help try and develop some connection between brain and legs. Its a hopeful time & one that Cathy enjoys.  

Wish us luck going into this next round - we strive to keep her healthy so she can keep fighting. 

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