How On Farm Pick Up Works

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kevin Jacobi

posted on

March 4, 2024

How on Farm Pick Up works 

We have been fielding a lot of questions lately about how on farm pick up of orders works.  

So here goes…..

No – first an administrative note:  We used to allow an order to come in on ...say Wednesday and we committed to having that order packed and ready for pick up on the next day – Thursday. So essentially order today and get tomorrow.

We can’t do that anymore. It’s just me and Cathy during the week and given the volume of orders we have now, we must set windows for pick up.

SO - the bottom line is – Saturday is pick up day regardless of when you place the order. Unless you get a text from me early. 

If – you desperately need the order before Saturday – leave me a note in the customer Notes and to be safe – best call me or text me so I can pack, you early. I don’t mind doing this, I just have to be oriented on it.   

OK here goes …………….

  1. 1. You place the order online, On Farm pick up is your fulfillment choice.  
  2. 2. You get an email that thanks you for the order and you have an estimate of what it will cost. Note: Every item has an average weight in the back end of the store and the website uses this data to provide you an estimated cost of the order.
  3. 3. I collect orders and pack them. Our big pack day is Wednesdays. So – in reality even though our official pick up is Saturday – your order will likely be ready for pick up by Wednesday night.
  4. 4. Once your order is packed, I record the real weights and then send you a text saying it is packed and in the pick-up freezer.
  5. 5. You come and get the order. If you had eggs apart of your meat order, don’t forget to grab them in the fridge. I don’t have to be there for pick up. It is designed to be self-service. Besides, I am likely on the farm chasing a critter.
  6. 6. You go home and enjoy.
  7. 7. By the weekend, I will batch process all the orders using the real weights I recorded during packing. This includes your order. It will likely hit your credit card on file on Saturday or Sunday. If you have a Qs about the charge or something does not look right - don't hesitate to question it, I am very happy to pull up the order for you and go over weights.   

Last note on orders – My cell phone is on me all the time. I text a lot. If you have a Q – send me text, I will answer. r/ Kevin (423.202.4924)

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