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March 25, 2024


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Hello *|FNAME|*,

Lately I have been cooking alot for Cathy and I and have learned that I just don't have many arrows in my cooking quiver.... but me and Mr. Crockpot have become good friends.

One of the things that has served me and Mr crock pot well is making my own broth for cooking other dishes. I cringe at buying that box stuff in the store and instead just bought a second crockpot dedicated to broth making.

You can make broth from about anything. Chicken, beef or lamb or even fish bones - really anything. Last week, I used a turkey back and it made the most delightful broth - slightly thicker than chicken actually and a great cooking medium.

Tomorrow, I am cooking a Lamb shoulder roast and will do this with its bones. A good crock pot will yield 2-3 Quarts of great broth. These quarts can be used for future cooking later in the week or you can just drink it - which is a thing.

Crock Pot bone broth (https://landbasketfarm.com/recipes/chicken-broth-for-soups-and-cooking)

Useful News

Farm decisions and changes coming.

Our current season of life is driving changes to what we do and how we serve. Some decisions are to simplify life and some are about seeking even healthier options for you.

* Non GMO, No Soy, No Corn, 100% Pastured Bird. This summer we will split our production into two groups - the classic Non GMO bird you are used to and a New bird that is soy and corn free and Non GMO. We are excited about this and think it is consistent with our brand. If you like this idea, I would love to hear from you. Simply reply to this email and tell me what you think.

* 2024 will be the last year for grass fed lamb. I have been a real flake in this area for two years now, but the truth is - they are too much work. Our grassfed lamb inventory is stong now and when depleted, we will close this enterprise for good. All lambs, momma sheep and all equipment will be liquidated this spring.

* More Turkey. Turkey was such a hit this year, we will double that next year. We will raise batches just for ground turkey and breasts. Alot more ground turkey.

Ok, thats it for news - I have been mulling over the items above for some time now and wanted to share our decisions with you. Below are inventory updates on all the pastured meats and a blog update on Ms Cathy. Happy Valentines to you this week.

See you out there,

Kevin and Cathy

To get an update on Miss Cathy check out Blog post # 2, 11 February.

Cathy Update #2 11 Feb 2024 (https://landbasketfarm.com/blog/blog-update-2-cathys-battle-11feb-24)

Updates on inventory

> Eggs. Doing well.

> Pasture Raised Chicken. We are out of everything except leg quarters, bone in breasts and liver and hearts. and pup cups.

> Pasture Raised Turkey. Thighs, Wingtletts, drumletts, backs for stock, turkey legs and Whole turkey available.

> Grass fed Lamb. All cuts in stock except racks.

> Forest Raised Pork. All cuts in stock.

> Beef Inventory Updated. All cuts in stock.

> Seafood. Filets, minced, bone, collars, belly - all in stock

On Sale Items

* Tuna Loin Ends

* Lamb bones for bone broth

* Lamb Rump roast

* Minced Salmon

* NY Strip

* Salmon Frames for broth making

* Turkey legs

* Whole Turkey

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Be safe and we will see you out there

Kevin and Cathy Jacobi

Land Basket Farm

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