Cathys Battle April Update

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kevin Jacobi

posted on

April 9, 2024

Blog 4/9/2024 – Home and Back in Chemo  

A lot has happened since the beginning of March. Cathy finally beat the infection and was discharged from the hospital in March. She was sent home with a PICC line and a series of antibiotics were administered at home to finalize the MRSA fight. 

During this time the Oncologists decided to do another round of radiation on the second tumor. Cathy completed her 15th session two weeks ago and we restarted chemotherapy the very next day. 

This week Cathy will complete Cycle 2 of Chemotherapy. We have made great progress in wound care in the last month, UT prescribed a wound vac machine and that has increased the rate of healing.

I have learned that when it comes to fighting Cancer, you cannot count your ducks before they hatch …. But at this rate of wound healing we should be able to make progressive changes in the coming weeks – ie : getting rid of wound vac, Stepping down from the Clinitron bed into a standard low air loss mattress etc. etc. 

We are trying very very hard to keep Cathy healthy so we can continue to fight the real enemy - Multiple Myeloma.  

In other news, we get the fold out ramp installed in the little van this week. No more lugging that 75-pound ramp back and forth. My back is thanking me already.


Finally – I have maintained silence on the fund-raising effort that Grace Mary set up for our family and that so many of you contributed. I break that silence here.

I do not have words to describe the gratitude we feel for your generosity. The money raised has been significant and resources us to fight a long-term battle, not to mention the immediate relief it has provided us in hospital stay Co pays, other co pays, DME equipment purchases, some help in the house, etc, etc.

Thank you So very much, we are deeply grateful and will never forget your kindness.

Thank you for your support.

Kevin and Cathy

Land Basket Farm


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